Thursday, August 17, 2017

Maori Controversie

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This is a persuasive piece of writing about why we should learn te reo maori

To me the language known as Te Reo Maori has been apart of New Zealand for decades maybe centuries, So, my thought is we should have a choice to learn te reo, maori or for the other learners they can focus on subjects they really enjoy.

People should get a choice!

Those who support te reo maori should be able to learn with themselves and their friends

I also think we should not be taught te reo because some people don't know it or did not learn it as a child

Thank You.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017



Kia ora, My name is Izzy, I go to rangikura school and this is my first blog post in 2017.  Today i will explain Tamaiti moa.  Tamaiti moa Means Whanau + community + school = Kids come first.  If your wondering why kids come first well… If your an auldt you will look after the kids so in the next genoration the kids ( who will now be adults ) will look after the other newborn kids.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Book Review

We’ll Always Have Paris
Geronimo stilton
Geronimo stilton
Story line
France 1889. the eiffel tower stands complete and ready to be unravelled to everyone in paris.  Unfortunately the pirate cats have  flew to paris and took down the eiffel tower and created a rock sculpture of the pirate captain.  Can geronimo and his friends stop him?
What I liked the best:
For me my favorite part is the graphic’s
What I didn't like:
I could not find anything I did not like

Would I recommend this book
Yes because it’s funny and has good graphics.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Moment In Time Week 7

Before we began our writing in small groups we discussed the importance of using descriptive writing, using similes and metaphors where appropriate, using dialogue and have done our best to make sure our punctuation is correct.  Some of us have even used ‘Show Don’t Tell’ in our writing to provide our reader with more of an experience.

Our teacher gave us 10 minutes for each paragraph and then 10 minutes for editing at the end.  We had so much fun working together!

If you have a moment, we would love you to comment on our writing.  

Boy Overboard!

In the Morning Jack was fishing with his father, he went to see the beautiful view. He leaned over the side just in the wrong time as the wave hit the boat   he fell into the icy water Jack screaming for help “HELP” he saw some sharks   teeth chattering under the water. He yelled at his dad for help but the dad was listening to some music. Jack quickly swam to the boat but his

I can hear the sharks grinding their teeth together and the finn bobbing up and down.  Jack’s heart was pounding as fast as a bolt that is shrinking earth..  Jack  screamed for help “HELP” yelled Jack and then he saw  Sharks coming towards him.  Hi was terrified from the skanks that are gazing in front of them.

Jack along with other shark’s smelled the petrol which bring the sharks to the boat and gave Jack time to escape from the area of sharks.  He quickly swam away from the sharks and swam to the other side of the boat but will he be fast enough to save his life?...  

Written by Matatia, Va’aitino and Izzy

I think I shared helpful ideas for my group and helped a lot to share my knowledge to give people

I think we did good because we shared ideas to each others. I did good because I had to type well my friends gives me some amzaing ideas and also punctuation I love my moment in time.

I think i shared good and helpful ideas to cooperate to my ideas and to my buddys ideas.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016

Cube 2

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Kia ora .  This is my cube  reflecting on the past and the future like people who have past away in the past , our goals for the next twelve months and people that is important to you  and that mean well to you i wrote mum and rob , for the  people who have past in you'r family i wrote grandad and my goals were to be helpful and be respectful.  People also do this during matariki to reflect on there past