Monday, June 27, 2016

Making Manu (kite making )

Kia ora Today me and Benjamin made a manu/kite for the matariki celebration. To do this hard work it
actually took us a long time ( about three days mostly weaving ). Also we tried not to get burned from the hot glue gun (it burns its really hot ).

 The easy part was measuring and the hard part was weaving. We used flax, wool and toetoe. To make the manu tukutuku you have to show your Tikanga and respect. Tikanga means why we do what we do, This respect me and my class have to show  is that we cut up all of the tiny parts of flax into smaller pieces. Benjamin was a great helper because help is needed

 Just incase you don't know what matariki is, it is a star there is also waiti, waita,tupu-a-nuku, tupu-a-rangi uru-a-rangi and wai-puna-rangi. They are bad because they tried to force their husbands to death.
 But that is just the story of the māoris.

 Anyway that's a whole nother page I am just talking about the celebration if you've been there you should know what happens I will name some things you will see, feasts , knuckle bones, kapa haka but as you should know about now maori people always say a karakia before they eat .

 We have not tried to fly the manu tukutuku (i do not even know if we will it's too thin).  For our celebration we had a festival in the hall , also we wrote some people that have past in the past.

 Matariki is a time to reflect our goals and then set another goal.


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